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Dark Argen Rises

dark argen

One of the fringe benefits of hanging out with the Onell crew yesterday was being able to get an advance look at the colorways for tonight's release. That metallic black from the earlier Godbeast release is lookign phenomenal, and the other colors are tight too. So head on over there tonight at 9.30pm EST and get yourself some!


Onto SRGM!

Heading to Lowell in a few hours for the Super Robots Giant Monsters show, also going to have a piece hanging at the gallery show as part of the event. Apart from an opportunity to connect with old friends (creators and fans alike) we will also give a full reveal of the Banimon Tank (still need a better name for it!), so after today expect a lot more pics of it to be thrown up here and on Twitter, showing off different functionality and building options. The Seven (see older post on this below) will also be making their appearance at the show.


The writing on the wall

It seems like a long time since Tesla has escaped his captors, taking Banimon with him and throwing everything and everybody into confusion. In the silence that followed, all sides have been busy, creating new and terrifying weapons, preparing for the final showdown. The clash of ideologies that started on Planet Banimon has also spread across the known universe like the wildfire, unleashing a storm of epic proportions. Distant worlds, waking from their blissful slumber to the harsh realities of war and destruction. The endgame has begun...

The Seven


Last stand of The Seven

The frightful pace of Havvacor rearmament in the wake of Banigoth departure continues. The military junta in charge of the planet called The Directory is making no secret of their designs on the neighboring worlds and they are enlisting mercenaries from all over the known universe, including even some rogue Banigoth units, whose appetite for battle makes them a prized addition to any conquering army.

The only remaining internal opposition to The Directory are The Seven, mysterious disciples of recently departed Commander, whose removal has paid the way for this new direction in Havvacor foreign policy. The Seven are masters of martial arts, but how long can their archaic weapons stand up to the new super-weapons of Havvacor which are rolling off the assembly lines as we speak?

The Seven



We are happy to announce that we'll be attending SUPER ROBOTS GIANT MONSTERS show on 3/29 in Lowell, Mass. SRGM is organized by our good friends at Collection DX, and if you know anything about them you'll know to expect some great variety of toy and culture content, organized and put together by the real conosseurs. In other words, expect some gems, plus our own humble contribution.

Speaking of which, the vinyl tank project is nearing reality, and we may even have some test shots at the show. The whole Banimon crew is incredibly excited for the next few months, and SRGM will be a great way to kick it all off, as well as spend some long overdue time with our friends. See you there!



In a bad way

An ongoing mystery on Planet Banimon is what the hell happened to Team Rejection. Today we finally get a glimpse, with a first visit to the FuelRocket since the abrupt conclusion of the last Banimon Game (see Banimon #3). To make things even weirder, the visitor is none other then Subzero, formerly a sworn enemy to the Rejects, and now chafing under the harsh rule of Banigoth. What could his purpose be, here of all places?

rocket trailer


News from Havvacor

The Havvacor resurrection continues at a frightful pace. Mere months ago they were on the brink of destruction as the mighty Banigoth Horde descended on the planet. What was meant to be just a quick stop on the way to cosmic domination has instead turned into Banigoth's worst nightmare, a testament to the dogged resistence of the Havvacorians. In the end, Banigoth decided to evacuate Havvacor in order to crush the rebellion on their own home planet. But the showdown has been only postponed...

A huge role in the success of the resistence has been played by the Revolutionary ideology, imported from Planet Banimon by Political Commissaries (PCs), agents of El General. And while the Revolution on Planet Banimon has been all but eradicated, it is thriving on Havvacor, acting as a driving force behind it's amazing industrial and military resurgence following the destructive defense against Banigoth.


A rambling post to kick off the year

Shipping adjustment on all standard Bainimon figures
This past year has been an experiment in keeping this project moving, including the logistics of shipping. We've learned a lot, and tried to get better with each release, however here in particular we feel like we owe you guys some improvements. So as of today our shipping charges have been lowered on all figures, to account for what we've been seeing when we actually get the orders out. It is an imperfect science so it still overcharges for orders of 1-2 figs, but tends to even out on larger orders. If anyone has more experience with shipping thru PayPal and has a comment on how it's working or how to make it better email me. Our other New Year's resolution is to do our best to try and get your packages to you a little faster this year, bear with us as we try to ever so slightly improve our service. Check out the store to see if there is a noticable difference

Kabuto Mushi building challenge
We are happy to be able to participate in the Kabuto Mushi building challenge by contributing some Banimon figures to the prize pool to encourage people to show off their Glyos builds using Godbeast's freshly released Kabuto Mushi MKII figures along with any other product from Glyos sister companies. More details here

Tank You
The vinyl tank project keeps progressing nicely, as always many thanks to Paul for moving it along and putting up with my pages upon pages of tiny edits, and thanks to Matt for help
ing me come up with many of those nitpicks in the first place, hopefully the final product will show all the love that went into it. We've upped both the piece count and the playability from the prototype that was shown at NYCC, and if all goes well March is still looking like a realistic time for the release. The tank will also be a brand new vehicle for collabs with our old friends (and some new!), more crossovers with other artists (toy and otherwise) is another one of those resoltions for 2014.

Next PVC run
The next run of PVC production figure will be different from the past few releases, and a sign of times to come. We want to experiment with a few different things and see what folks like, but are also hoping to make some additional tooling changes to the mold sometime this year, in an effort to keep the line fresh.





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