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Slimy times ahead


It is not rare for Banigoth and Havvacor patrols to land on unchartered planets, in search of more colonies to establish. Finding a fertile world to take over may tip the ballance in the ideological power struggle, and if these patrols should happen to run into each other, well, more then likely one of them will not leave the planet alive. But some worlds are better left undiscovered. Hiding terrible secrets and unimaginable powers capable of transforming matter itself. It is said that a few such realms have been found and then purposely forgotten by the ancient astronauts, their whereabouts erased from the space charts.


New Kabuto Mushi Deluxe!

If you know anything about Marty TGB Hansen, you know that the man never sits still for too long, unless he's sculpting for 6 hours straight. So it should be no surprise that Marty's brought his all once a gain with the latest Kabuto Mushi Deluxe release, this one the most detailed one yet. You have to really take a closer look to see some of the subtlety of paint apps and textures going on here, Marty is pushing the bar higher once again, reminiscent of those awesome Callgrim DX releases. One thing's for sure - they won't last long. Pick yours up here.


Gathering Clouds

As the rising power of Havvacor casts it's shadow on the neighboring planets, the Banigoth advanced outposts near Havvacor in turn decide to dig in. Their crews all over the colonies are frantically digging trenches, building bunkers, putting up defence works and otherwise preparing for what seems like an inevitable attack. The Banigoth Warrior is still the best pound-per-pound soldier in the known universe, so the Banigoth High Command hopes that if it can draw the attackers into a ground attack, their chances are pretty good. Meanwhile, the rumors are rampant that on Planet Banimon, the Lost Army of the Revolution is again on the march.




Apologies for posting this after the fact, but somehow the release of Geodraxus by our friend and collaborator PJ Bartlett aka Spaced Out Studios has managed to slip under the radar. It has been an honor to work with him on Banimon CC1 last year, and it has also been a priviledge to watch his own figure take shape. The love and attention that went into it is plain to see from the figures, so congrats to PJ on an amazing release. Most of the Geodraxus figures have by now sold out, but if you're quick you may be still able to grab one of the last few.


New Onell release coming this Sunday:

rig crew drop

The Rig Crew is scheduled to land Sunday, September 7th, at 9.30pm EST over at Onell Design, and the military feel of the figures obviously is a favorite over here on Planet Banimon. It is also one of your last few chances to grab an Armorvor with the original Wolf head, as at least that part of the Armorvor mold is looking to soon change. What can they be cooking up next?

As of tonite, all of the orders from the Havvacor Rising drop have been shipped, including international. So if you don't already have it, it's on your way to you.



Thank You!

A very big thank you to everyone who supported the Havvacor drop. After being away from the scene for a little bit, it was nice to see the old fans still out there, and see some other names pop up for the first time. It was great to see such a positive response to the T-011 tank, we really didn't know what to expect and they sold out in the first hour of the drop.

The tank was a long, fun, but at times insanely trying process to find just the right toy. Matt Doughty has been there every step of this journey, the final design is every bit as much his as it is mine. Special thanks for this drop go to Jesse Moore, who generously donated his shop and his time at the 11th hour to pull through on the decals and add that new dimension to the toys.

Most of the domestic orders from over the weekend have been shipped. We hustled to get as much out as possible, but a few custom orders and the international ones still remain, those will unfortunately have to wait until next week - as the Banimon HQ takes a long overdue break. Same is true for the orders that come in during the week, those orders will be fulfilled next week.



Click here to go to the store and get your new Banimon toys now.


T-011 drop is tonight,
August 24 at 7pm EST!!! Also, Banimon #4 Killer Science concludes today - final page is up!!!

As promised, leading up to the grand debut of Banimon Tank, T-011 Bunkerbuster TODAY, August 24th, we will also be revealing Banimon #4, Killer Science, where we finally get into the Apocalypse Banimon genesis story and maybe bring back a friend or two. After a long back-and-forth on the merits of doing another classic printed comic vs. a webcomic, we decided on the side of getting the story in front of as many folks as possible.

So send the link to a friend or tweet it to a few more, it's free and it's not a bad entry into the Banimon story. It will be building up here: the story concludes with today's page.

Banimon Comic #4


Lineup for tomorrow's drop

Havvacor Rising

Hard to believe that we're almost there, but we're almost there. After what seemed like an eternity in prototyping and tweaks, the T-011 Bunkerbuster drop is happening tomorrow, August 24th, at 7pm EST, right here. This will be the first production colorway of the T-011, and really the first time it's been available for purchase. The lineup for tomorrow:

T-011 "Bunkerbuster" $30
Soft vinyl, 5 pieces, compatible with all other Glyos vinyl and PVC toys. Base color is Glyaxia Yellow with paint apps, tampo print and decals.
(There will be a limit of one per customer for the first 24 hours)

Havvacor Rising Tank Crew $7
Regular Red Army Man build, 1" tall PVC figure, has 16 separate parts. Includes a bonus Banigoth Warrior head. Glyaxia yellow and Pearlescent Metallic black, unit identifier tampo-printed on the helmet, paint apps on face, arms and backpack, fully Glyos system compatible

Havvacor Defence Front $7
Gunner Red Army Man build, 1" tall PVC figure, has 16 separate parts. Includes a bonus Banigoth Warrior head. Glyaxia yellow and Pearlescent Metallic black, unit identifier tampo-printed on the helmet, paint apps on face, arms and backpack, fully Glyos system compatible

Banigoth Havvacor Opps $7
Gunner Assault Banigoth build, 1" tall PVC figure, has 16 separate parts. Includes a bonus Red Army Man head. Glyaxia yellow and Pearlescent Metallic black, unit identifier tampo-printed on the helmet, paint apps on face, arms and backpack, fully Glyos system compatible

Banigoth Mercs "Desert Dogs" $7
Regular Banigoth build, 1" tall PVC figure, has 16 separate parts. Includes a bonus Red Army Man head. Glyaxia yellow and Pearlescent Metallic black, unit identifier tampo-printed on the helmet, paint apps on face, arms and backpack, fully Glyos system compatible

Check back here and on Twitter for any updates on the launch, and hope to see you there (here) tomorrow night!!! As you wait, make sure to check out the Banimon #4 comic, today is second to last page, with the grand finale coming TOMORROW before the drop.


Mercenaries for hire

After the ceasefire on Havvacor, a number of Banigoth veterans decided that they preferred to stick around, and offer their services to the highest bidder. As fates would have it, the highest bidder was The Directory, in need of every able-bodied warrior available for the rapidly growing New Havvacor military machine. To mark their independence from the rest of the Banigoth Horde, these mercs have adopted the Team Rejection Rocket as their symbol. Marked by the Banigoth High Command as deserters to be shot on sight, these mercs will fight to death rather than fall into the hands of their former comarades.

Havvacor Rising


For defence of the motherland

Once the last line of defence against overwhelming Banigoth forces, the Havvacor Defence Front wields a considerable political influence on Havvacor after the termination of hostilities. HDF formed the core around which the army of the New Havvacor has been built. Hardened veterans, they are armed with the best arsenal available on the black market, and hungry for more war. If that means trampling a few ideological values, these old revolutionaries are ok with that.

Havvacor Rising


Look who showed up today

Havvacor Rising


New Kabuto Mushi Drop TONIGHT!

Marty Hanson, the tireless artist, enterpreneur and super-heavy diesel engine behind THEGODBEAST Customs is having a special release TONIGHT, featuring a while new build for the Mushi, the Instar Warrior. As usual, Marty has brought his amazing sense of color to the table, with some delicious looking clears that will be fun to build with. And if you know Kabuto Mushi, you know that they re just made for building and swapping, with endless possibilities for creating interplanetary freaks of the most glorious kind. You can get them at the TGB store, but better hurry up!


Super Crayboth Invasion!!!

Super Crayboth

Time sure flies. To think it's been 7 years since our friends at Onell got started is crazy. On the other hand just looking at the body of work, one can't help but think it would take any normal human 3 times as long to accomplish as much, so congrats to Matt, Michelle and Marc and thanks for taking us on a hell of a ride. On to the release...

Check out the debut of Super Crayboth, by Onell Design, their brand new vinyl figure, along with a bunch of flavors of Crayboth. Crayboth has been one of my favorites in the Glyos lineup since forever, so to see him come back in such a grand way is also a homecoming of sorts. Super Crayboth on the other hand has been going through it's final birth throes over in China at the same time as our Bunkerbuster Tank, so I think of them as brothers in armour.


Passing the mustard

For a minute there it feld like it would never happen, but the tank project has officially moved into production phase. Along the way, some core functionality was changed (hopefully improved) to bring the playability to the next level. We are now looking at an August release, with an update on the exact date coming as the situation in China gets clearer. Many many thanks for your patience on this one, it has been frustrating to say to least having to keep postponing the drop, but we couldn't be more excited about the final product.

T-021 Hellsmoortel

Meanwhile, the pic here shows how the new vinyl pieces interact with the PVC to build a gunner station on top of the tank (built 100% out of existing Banimon parts), just one of the many possibilities for further weaponizing this bad boy.


Lost Sincroid Army and Skeleton Warriors

Two important things are going on this week. One, after years of hoping that we'd get to see production Lost Syncroid Army from Onell, it has finally happened. Besides being a colorway that I've been looking forward to in it's own right for a while, this release harkens way back to the roots of Glyos, so cograts to Matt, Michelle and Marcus for getting it across the finish line. You can get yours here.

Also, our friends from October Toys are in the last week of their Kickstarter drive to resurrect Skeleton Warriors (remember them?) and make them Glyos-compatible. There's ways to go still, and it would be a crying shame if it didn't happen, so please help make this project a reality by pledging here.


T-021 Hellsmoortel

T-021 Hellsmoortel

The Banigoth (and their dependencies) answer to the Space Cavalry of Havvacor, and the heavy armoured division in particular, is the T-021 Hellsmoortel. One of the recovered T-011 from the closing days of the Havvacor invasion has served as a blueprint to The Horde's own Hellsmoortel, with slightly heavier guns then it's counterpart, but at the expense of armour. This is a reflection of the Banigoth all-out style of warfare just as much as the limitations of the materials and technology at hand.


T-011 Bunkerbuster

T-011 Bunkerbuster

For when you need to take your fortress on the go, the original, and still the scariest armour plated vehicle out there, the T-011 heavy tank is happy to oblige. It is aptly nicknamed "Bunkerbuster" after the damage it routinly does to enemy fortifications, plowing through virtually any obstacle without even slowing down. Featuring serious firepower, battlefield indurance and even a bunker of it's own, it is truly the king of the T-Class.


TGB and Glyaxia releases!!!

In all the excitement around the tanks, I've forgot to mention two very important releases by our sister companies. Firstly, a few days ago the long-awaited Glyaxia MKII dropped over at Glyos. Thinking of all the awesomeness that's happened between the original and this Glyaxia release (this includes the Flash game mastery by Marcus) is mind boggling, especially when you think that it's a small independent company doing it. So join in the celebration, it is still not too late to pick up your very own.

On the other side of the Glyoverse, our good friend Marty aka The GodBeast is releasing his own Glyaxia-themed drop TONIGHT at 8pm, so make sure you pick up your Kabuto Mushi either in the Glyaxia blue-and-yellow, or in a few of the other exciting flavors on tap by Marty.


D-014 Humbug

D-014 Humbug

The high spead and manouverability of D-Class vehicles has made them as irreplaceable in direct combat as they are in special and commando missions they were originally created for. The D-014 Humbug in particular is a real tank in it's own right, equipped with a standard armour-piercing cannon and beefed up with additional energy shields. Popular and relatively inexpensive to produce, it has quickly become the foundation of the Light Armoured Divisions of the Havvacor Space Cavalry. Opening larger engagements by sending swarms of D-014 light tanks to probe the enemy's strength is a favored tactic of Havvacor commanders. Encouraged by the early battlefield success of the D-014s, The Directory has ordered into production more models. While D-014 is typically a one-person fighter, the newer D-014S variation can be either piloted or unmanned, remote-control operated unit.


D-8 Stealth Rider

D-8 Stealth Rider

Lightning-fast and nimble, D-Class vehicles trade some of the armour for more agility and stealth. D-8 Stealth Rider is the most popular model, used mostly for scouting missions and an occasional commando raid. Because of their superior handling and speed they are also popular amongst civilians, though their high cost all but ensures only the richest can afford to actually get their hands on a D-8. Consequently, mods of the original D-8 model have been popping up all over the known universe ever since the engineers of Havvacor introduced them.


S-96 Cataphract

S-96 Cataphract

Under direct orders from The Directory, engineers of Havvacor have tackled the problem of ferrying troops to hostile planets head on, by developing a series of armoured transport vehicles, the so-called "S-Class". A step below the tanks of "T-Class" in both firepower and armour, they are much faster, and can be used in attacking formation to run down lighter infantry and punch holes in enemy's defence. Still, against more sophisticated opposition, they typically stick to their primary role of interplanetary transport. Featured above is S-96 Cataphract, affectionately dubbed "The oven" by it's own crew due to the oppressive heat inside it during combat. Temperature issues aside, the Space Cavalry of Havvacor in general, and the S-96 in particular are quickly getting a fearsome reputation in four corners of the known universe.



Emerging interplanetary factions continue to consolidate their forces for the inevitable showdown. The Banigoth grip on their home planet tightens, sending the Revolutionaries further into hiding. The Lost Army of the Revolution is still hopelessly lost, but their ideological brethren from Havvacor are stronger then ever. Their new super weapon, the T-011 tank has had some setbacks in field testing, but other new, sophisticated weaponry continues to roll off the assembly lines everywhere. It is only a matter of time before the mayhem engulfs everyone and everything...


T-011 is on the horizon

T-011 Banimon Tank

The Banimon tank, tentatively named "T-011" is nearing it's first run. It hasn't been easy, and it has taken way longer then anticipated, but we think you'll find the final product worth it. Slated to drop in June (was May), there will also be a new production run of Banigoth and Red Army Men - we are trying a couple of new things with this one.


Dark Argen Rises

dark argen

One of the fringe benefits of hanging out with the Onell crew yesterday was being able to get an advance look at the colorways for tonight's release. That metallic black from the earlier Godbeast release is lookign phenomenal, and the other colors are tight too. So head on over there tonight at 9.30pm EST and get yourself some!


Onto SRGM!

Heading to Lowell in a few hours for the Super Robots Giant Monsters show, also going to have a piece hanging at the gallery show as part of the event. Apart from an opportunity to connect with old friends (creators and fans alike) we will also give a full reveal of the Banimon Tank (still need a better name for it!), so after today expect a lot more pics of it to be thrown up here and on Twitter, showing off different functionality and building options. The Seven (see older post on this below) will also be making their appearance at the show.


The writing on the wall

It seems like a long time since Tesla has escaped his captors, taking Banimon with him and throwing everything and everybody into confusion. In the silence that followed, all sides have been busy, creating new and terrifying weapons, preparing for the final showdown. The clash of ideologies that started on Planet Banimon has also spread across the known universe like the wildfire, unleashing a storm of epic proportions. Distant worlds, waking from their blissful slumber to the harsh realities of war and destruction. The endgame has begun...

The Seven


Last stand of The Seven

The frightful pace of Havvacor rearmament in the wake of Banigoth departure continues. The military junta in charge of the planet called The Directory is making no secret of their designs on the neighboring worlds and they are enlisting mercenaries from all over the known universe, including even some rogue Banigoth units, whose appetite for battle makes them a prized addition to any conquering army.

The only remaining internal opposition to The Directory are The Seven, mysterious disciples of recently departed Commander, whose removal has paid the way for this new direction in Havvacor foreign policy. The Seven are masters of martial arts, but how long can their archaic weapons stand up to the new super-weapons of Havvacor which are rolling off the assembly lines as we speak?

The Seven



We are happy to announce that we'll be attending SUPER ROBOTS GIANT MONSTERS show on 3/29 in Lowell, Mass. SRGM is organized by our good friends at Collection DX, and if you know anything about them you'll know to expect some great variety of toy and culture content, organized and put together by the real conosseurs. In other words, expect some gems, plus our own humble contribution.

Speaking of which, the vinyl tank project is nearing reality, and we may even have some test shots at the show. The whole Banimon crew is incredibly excited for the next few months, and SRGM will be a great way to kick it all off, as well as spend some long overdue time with our friends. See you there!



In a bad way

An ongoing mystery on Planet Banimon is what the hell happened to Team Rejection. Today we finally get a glimpse, with a first visit to the FuelRocket since the abrupt conclusion of the last Banimon Game (see Banimon #3). To make things even weirder, the visitor is none other then Subzero, formerly a sworn enemy to the Rejects, and now chafing under the harsh rule of Banigoth. What could his purpose be, here of all places?

rocket trailer


News from Havvacor

The Havvacor resurrection continues at a frightful pace. Mere months ago they were on the brink of destruction as the mighty Banigoth Horde descended on the planet. What was meant to be just a quick stop on the way to cosmic domination has instead turned into Banigoth's worst nightmare, a testament to the dogged resistence of the Havvacorians. In the end, Banigoth decided to evacuate Havvacor in order to crush the rebellion on their own home planet. But the showdown has been only postponed...

A huge role in the success of the resistence has been played by the Revolutionary ideology, imported from Planet Banimon by Political Commissaries (PCs), agents of El General. And while the Revolution on Planet Banimon has been all but eradicated, it is thriving on Havvacor, acting as a driving force behind it's amazing industrial and military resurgence following the destructive defense against Banigoth.


A rambling post to kick off the year

Shipping adjustment on all standard Bainimon figures
This past year has been an experiment in keeping this project moving, including the logistics of shipping. We've learned a lot, and tried to get better with each release, however here in particular we feel like we owe you guys some improvements. So as of today our shipping charges have been lowered on all figures, to account for what we've been seeing when we actually get the orders out. It is an imperfect science so it still overcharges for orders of 1-2 figs, but tends to even out on larger orders. If anyone has more experience with shipping thru PayPal and has a comment on how it's working or how to make it better email me. Our other New Year's resolution is to do our best to try and get your packages to you a little faster this year, bear with us as we try to ever so slightly improve our service. Check out the store to see if there is a noticable difference

Kabuto Mushi building challenge
We are happy to be able to participate in the Kabuto Mushi building challenge by contributing some Banimon figures to the prize pool to encourage people to show off their Glyos builds using Godbeast's freshly released Kabuto Mushi MKII figures along with any other product from Glyos sister companies. More details here

Tank You
The vinyl tank project keeps progressing nicely, as always many thanks to Paul for moving it along and putting up with my pages upon pages of tiny edits, and thanks to Matt for help
ing me come up with many of those nitpicks in the first place, hopefully the final product will show all the love that went into it. We've upped both the piece count and the playability from the prototype that was shown at NYCC, and if all goes well March is still looking like a realistic time for the release. The tank will also be a brand new vehicle for collabs with our old friends (and some new!), more crossovers with other artists (toy and otherwise) is another one of those resoltions for 2014.

Next PVC run
The next run of PVC production figure will be different from the past few releases, and a sign of times to come. We want to experiment with a few different things and see what folks like, but are also hoping to make some additional tooling changes to the mold sometime this year, in an effort to keep the line fresh.





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